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Gilbert Pool and Spa Tile Cleaning Services
Our NEW Hydroblast Pool & Spa Tile Cleaning Service Removes Deposits From ALL Surfaces

Glazed - Non Glazed Tile - Waterfall Stones - Fountains - Spas - Slate - Marble - Granite - Glass Tile - Pebble Tecİ

We use a natural mineral (Epsom salts 3.5 MOH) instead of glass beads(6-7 MOH). It cost us more, but we feel that the results are worth it. Since it is softer than the glaze (5-6 MOH) our media never damages the surface. (MOH is a hardness scale 1=talc 10=diamond)

We use an industrial power washer with a patented nozzle that injects the media into the water stream. The water and media remove the calcium and polish the tile.

Once the tile is clean and dry we apply a protective sealant to the tile & grout. This will help the water to bead up and run off like wax does for a car.

We vacuum the media from the pool. Any material suspended in the water will filter out or dissolve within 24-36 hrs. Since the Epsom salt is water soluble it does not damage pumps or filters like beads can. Imagine what hard glass beads can do to your pool sweep and pump. Ask a bead blaster where the broken beads go.

The Maxx Strip Hydroblast system is environmentally friendly - safe for plants, animals and people! Call for our Gilbert Maxx Strip solutions.

Safe on any pool or spa tile surface
  • NO Damage
  • NO Pitting

Safe for people, plants, spas and pools
  • NO Slippery beads on pool decks
  • NO broken glass beads in water
  • NO Inhalation danger
  • NO damage to pumps or sweepers
  • NO mechanical abrasive devices
  • NO harsh acids or chemicals
  • NO need to waste water (draining pool)
  • NO change to pool's pH

Gilbert Professional Pool & Tile Cleaning Service