In the event you have an emergency after hours, these things you can do until we can be reached the next business day.


  • Strange noise, leaks, high pressure, no circulation? Shut off the all pool equipment, including pool lights, at the homes main breaker panel by switching the breaker into the off position and notify us immediately.

  • Pool Overfilling? Turn off the water supply at the nearest hose bib. Make sure to turn all valves perpendicular to the water pipe and notify us of the issue.

  • Cleaner stopped moving? Check the bottom of the cleaner for debris such as twigs, rocks, small toys that can get stuck and clog up the cleaner and/or hoses. Make sure to turn the equipment off before removing the cleaner out of pool completely, as it will suck air and the pump can lose prime.  If removing debris doesn’t help, please notify us and we can address it on your service day.

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